from by Jukai



The new world conquered by the elite
sword in hand, forced destiny
Look to the past, Our foundation rests
upon the blood soaked dirt and the bones of the oppressed
Push the myth of the American dream
Caste system created by Greed

One nation under the dollar sign and liberty for none.
There's no such thing as justice when it only works for some.
Centuries pass, cries go unheard. Our leaders deaf to this fucking world.
Deaf to this fucking world.

Man pinned against the next, feel the pull the strings,
Tension, hatred
and the violence it brings.

Early grave work guided by
the dying hand of fate
Feed the nation’s addiction
to incarcerate

Vultures Rape, appropriate
the culture of those they oppress.
Displace communities
and call it progress.

Benefiting at others expense
Crooked profit, Columbus effect.

Drown in ignorance.

Stand behind hateful rhetoric and fascist ideology
Instead of change, they'd rather see the strange fruit hanging from the tree.

Can't afford to take care of the poor
Beaten down and ignored
Victim blame, fail to recognize that
Not all bootstraps are the same length.

Broken lives
Beaten down
Cast aside
Choked to death as we watch our dreams die
World enslaved with no shame

Colorblind and ignorant
The cowards deny Their privilege that gets them further in life
Others Work harder to achieve the same
Oppressed by a system that refuses to change


from Recycled Earth split 7", released December 26, 2016


tags: metal hardcore


all rights reserved



Hardcore from Long Island, NY


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